5 Warning Signs That A Credit Repair Company Will Rip You Off


A few years ago there weren't too many real credit repair companies out there. The legitimate ones were actually able to do a good job. Thus, they racked up some nice testimonials, affiliations, and word of mouth.

Here is what I'd look for in any credit repair company, despite their past record.

#1: Horrible Reputation:

In my opinion, there is no excuse for a BBB complaint (perhaps one or two) in this industry. On average a legitimate credit repair company should charge anywhere from 59 to 99.00 per month max.

Any company that values a couple of dollars over a consumer's trust and their reputation is not a company I would do business with.

# 2: Overseas Outsourcing:

A current trend in the industry for some of the larger credit repair companies is outsourcing the work overseas to places like India, Nicaragua, and Russia. Now let me say I don't have a problem with these places or the people in particular.

When you sign up with a credit repair company here in the United States and give them your most precious information, wouldn't you like to know beforehand that your credit file is being faxed overseas?

#3: Partial Repair:

99% of every client needs intervention on all levels. That means disputes with the credit bureaus, collection agencies, Attorneys, and all the original creditors. Most companies are only disputing on the credit bureau level.

#4: Worthless Dispute Templates:

Generic dispute templates that are used over and over for every client are next to worthless. The template changes a little here and there but you get the picture. If it doesn't look completely unique to your personal credit file, it's a template and a waste of your money.

#5: Being Left in the Dark:

Credit Repair companies charge you by the month and milking your account for as long as possible it's in their best interest.

You need to be able to track when and what is being done on your behalf by these companies.