Choosing The Right Credit Repair Company


So in a sense is your credit really broken? No, it is not, maybe not functioning as it should, but not broken. So instead of looking for a credit repair company, I would maybe look for a credit restoration company. One that could help restore my credit to its perfect condition. Ok, so how do I do that? What do I look for? What are some hints of a bad one? Some hints of a good one?

When shopping for a credit "restoration" company, I would avoid all who claim to "repair" your credit, as this is simply impossible. Look for the ones that understand this and the ones who will help restore your credit.

Companies who claim they are a law firm are just simply "silly" to say the least and just a sales gimmick. Avoid at all costs! You really don't need an attorney to restore your credit. Truth told you could do it yourself with some patience, planning, a few well-written letters, and some understanding of the credit laws.

There are companies who offer you a service for a monthly charge as well. They state that they will dispute items on your credit report for a monthly charge. Really all these companies offer, are an automated system filled with form letters that they will send out on your behalf for a monthly fee. Come on now, you can find their form letters online and do it yourself.

Then there are companies who will charge you a really high price and want it upfront! Stating something like- "You get what you pay for!" Please just avoid these companies, as I would not trust anybody with a large sum of money upfront. Besides, it's illegal to collect money for "credit repair" in advance.

Now what I would look for is a company that offers a relatively good product for a fair price. One who doesn't charge a large sum upfront or promise to dispute items on my credit report for a monthly charge. As we all know (or don't) it is also illegal to promise or guarantee to remove items off of a credit report, however, if one was to work as long as needed until the job was complete that would be a good company.

Well with all that said, there is an old saying that holds true: "Buyer Beware".