Build Good Credit With a Secured Credit Card


Life today isn't easy without a credit card. Even if you intend to pay cash, you'll need a credit card to rent a car, secure a hotel room, or make an airline reservation. They offer a lot more protection and security than most debit cards when you're buying merchandise online, and although you don't technically need one to qualify for a mortgage, using a credit card responsibly can mark you as a creditworthy risk when you want to buy a home.

What exactly IS a prepaid or secured credit card?

A secured credit card is a credit account secured by a deposit. Should the bill go unpaid, the money in the account can be used to pay that debt. For example, if you deposit $350 into the account connected to the secured card, you can charge up to $350. You may be able to add extra deposits to the account and increase your limit or the bank may reward you for on-time payments and increase your credit limit without those extra deposits.

Build or repair your credit by responsibly using a secured credit card

If you've struggled with credit in the past or if you've damaged your credit with late payments, over-limit fees, or too many inquiries, you may not qualify for a regular credit card. If you find yourself in this situation, a secured or prepaid credit card may be the only way to establish or reestablish good credit. You may have some questions about how a secured credit card works:

Where can you get a secured credit card?

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