Credit Cards with Bad Credit


When trying to get a credit card with bad credit, it can be challenging. The reason is if your credit history reflects poorly with any of the 3 major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Knowing if you have a bad credit history or bad credit score is just a matter of getting your credit report. It's said that if you pull your own credit it's not supposed to affect your score. Each of the three bureaus would like to charge you for getting a credit report and a score, as well as extra monitoring features. Agencies are required by law to provide all U.S. citizens with 1 free credit report every 12 months, you'll find this online at

For those with bad credit, I often will suggest these search companies seek credit repair services. The reason is I've gone to a lot of seminars, read a lot of books, and knowledgeable experts who have seen as many as 150 point credit score increases in only 6 weeks, results will vary, this is not typical, but do know that great improvements are possible.

Some people have bad credit due to not having identity theft protection with one of the major bureaus which will give you alerts of who is using your credit or pulling your credit. Your credit is very valuable to you, a great credit score will save you thousands of dollars throughout your lifetime.

With poor credit, your best bet may be to use Prepaid Credit Cards, which are credit cards where you prepay your own money and in turn, you can use it like a regular credit card, and the issuing banks or companies can notify and update the credit bureaus with your payment history. If you continue to pay down your balance and keep a good payment history, that will reflect on your credit report and improve your credit score over time. Your poor credit history and a low score can affect you in the home loan approval process when trying to buy a home. We have created specific pages further explaining past negative items that may be reflecting on your credit history: bankruptcy, collections, deed-in-lieu, foreclosures, judgments, late payments, federal tax liens, state tax liens loan modification, short sales, student loans.

Bad credit may hold you back, but with the use of credit repair, and prepaid credit cards, you can start a new future of great credit, moving towards a great credit score someday, in which you'll have many more options as well as save thousands of dollars in interest rates and fees. Here are some cards to help build your credit: secured cards for bad credit, prepaid and debit, cards for no credit, prepaid-debit, for bad credit, secured credit cards.